Onno Faber Selected for Worth Magazine’s Worthy 100 2022 List

Worth Magazine has named Rarebase Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Onno Faber to The Worthy 100 list for 2022. Every year, the magazine recognizes 100 entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, celebrities, and philanthropists who made the biggest impact through their businesses globally. 

Faber started Rarebase with a mission— to partner with patient communities and leverage technology and biology to identify potential treatments for people worldwide living with a rare disease. He knows from personal experience the difficulties that arise in finding possible therapies for rare diseases. In 2015, Faber was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), which commonly leads to benign tumors developing along the nerve that connects your inner ear to your brain. His diagnosis and experience finding a treatment inspired him to pioneer a path forward for individuals affected by rare genetic diseases that don't currently have an effective treatment.

“With Rarebase, Faber is trying to fix what many view as a broken process in researching [treatments] for rare diseases,” says the Worthy 100 announcement. Partnering with patient groups to accelerate drug discovery prioritizes the unmet need for new potential therapies in the rare disease patient community. “The idea is to build a platform that connects patients and scientists, thereby advancing research for everyone.”

Read more about Faber’s nomination to the Worthy 100 list.


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