About Us

Rarebase is an innovative public benefit biotech company that is revolutionizing drug discovery at unprecedented speed and scale.

Meet Our Team

We're a passionate team focused on pushing the boundaries of translational medicine to help develop new therapies for medically underserved patient communities. We regularly feature team members in our podcast Rarebase Remarks.
Chris Moxham, PhD
CEO and Chief Scientific Officer
Nicole Perfito, PhD
VP of Program Management
Natalie Downs, MS, CGC
Senior Project Manager
Sabine Topka, PhD
Director of Discovery Biology
Riley Parsons
Senior Software Engineer
Clayton Mellina
VP of Software Engineering
Deanna Wong
VP of People & Operations
Arun Mahadevan, PhD
Senior Scientist I, Phenotypic Screening
Alex Guin, PhD
Senior Bioinformatics Engineer
Ursula Leone Haditsch, PhD
Director of iPSC Cell Modeling
Amanda Faubel
Project Manager II
Gabriel Rivera Del Toro
Research Associate II, Discovery Biology
Christian Markopoulos, PhD
Senior Scientist II, Phenotypic Screening
Long McFarlin, PhD
Senior Scientist I, iPSC Cell Modeling
Eric Yeager
Director of Facilities
Jackie Van Siclen
Research Associate II, iPSC Cell Modeling
Daniel Larson
Business Development Representative
Michael Blanco
Principal Research Associate, Discovery Biology
Elizabeth Iorns, PhD
Scientific Founder & Advisor
Carrie Rich
Chief Partnerships Officer
Mo Rahman
Scientific Advisor (Bioinformatics)
Michael Genin, PhD
Scientific Advisor (Drug Development)
Meg Wood
Strategic Advisor (Partnerships)
Matt Deardorff, MD PhD
Scientific Advisor (Clinical Genetics)
Matt Might, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Matt De Silva
Carolina Garcia Rizo, PhD